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Breathtaking and real Australian landscapes captured through my lens and combined with my imagination. What you see in real life is what you’ll get in print. That’s my promise. Shaun Jones, Australian Landscape photographer. 

“I’ve loved landscape photography, since starting off with just a basic camera many years ago. I’m lucky to live in Western Australia with its magnificent natural landscapes -  I’ve always found plenty of inspiration,” said Shaun. 012-shaun-jones300x450.jpg

 Shaun thinks nothing of braving a chilly, Perth sunrise with his camera. His mission? To capture through photography the true beauty of the West Australian landscape. He’s a big believer in presenting beautiful nature pictures, as they appear in reality.

“In my photo prints, you’ll experience the natural scenery of the landscape because I make minimal edits to the image; never digitally altering it beyond recognition - because in my opinion, that’s not true photography.” 

“I always try and capture a mood so that each image evokes a different emotion in the buyer or art lover,” said Shaun.

Currently, Shaun features landscape photography from Pemberton, Dunsborough, Busselton, Perth, Nannup, Bridgetown, Margaret River and across the expanse of the South West. He plans to extend his work to the rest of Australia and overseas. He’s available for consulting and commercial work and special photography projects including Tourism work.

Shaun’s clients list include:

●           Corporations who want to showcase local artists and Australian scenery photos in their boardrooms,

     rooms and lobbies.

●           Graphic designers looking for custom stock images for marketing collateral.

●           Art lovers who want to display high quality, beautiful and affordable nature photography in their homes or offices.

●           Individuals looking online to buy unique, original landscape photography as gifts.


 “I want to push creative boundaries through all my photos, said Shaun, and capture unforgettable images that you, your family, employees and clients will enjoy for years to come,” Shaun said. 

“Australia's best landscape photographer in my opinion.” Brianna Jacobs, Victoria (Customer).

In need of a beautiful and unique gift for a special occasion like a wedding or milestone birthday or simply to say I love you to a loved one? We offer top quality photo printing in landscape or vertical orientation. Choose to print your choice of image on either a blank card or an acrylic ice block for that classy finish.

Beautiful, nature photographs printed on your choice of material and sent to your specified address at the click of a button. It couldn’t be easier!


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