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For the interest of our legal exposure and customers and or clients interest and legal rights, we have documents which are necessary in todays world to ensure both parties are represented legaly appropriately. If Shaun Jones captures an individual in a photograph and the individual can be explicitaly identified, we have documents which need to be completed to ensure the client or customer or model or individual understands what Shaun Jones does with such photographs to a commercial use. 

These photos can be used in commercial use and or on Shaun Jones website www.shaunjones.com.au . The following forms can be downloaded and pre completed in the event you are expecting Shaun Jones or representative to carry out Photographic services. Forms also are not just limited to individuals it is also required for property such as homes, residencies, occupancy or a piece of property that identifies your ownership or residing.

Shaun Jones does not take photos without your permission at any given time.

Feel free to download the following forms, to save time on the day.


Model Release

This form is required where anyone or property is in a photograph and identifiable objects or individuals can be clearly represented, visible, portrayed, sighted and or presented.



 Expresssions Of Interest

If you wish to sell Shaun Jones work in your business or gallery, this form is for you. This provides us information to the suitability to showcase our work in your business and to establish whether the fit is right for both parties.


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